The Heretics Kitchen at Thank You For Coming


Apr 10 – May 5
Wednesdays – Saturdays, 6-10 pm.

The Heretics Kitchen – No deed to do but to eat and drink!

Influenced by the ideas of women, the body and primitive accumulation, The Heretics Kitchen is an exploration aspiring to radically democratize food. This is “liberation theology” for the contemporary proletariat.  It gives a frame to peoples’ demands for spiritual renewal and social justice, challenging both the industrial system by appealing to a higher truth of healthy affordable staples.

The Order, proposes to: Repossess, Incubate, Reclaim, Valorize, Liberate, Cooperate, Hunt, Micro feed, Chop, sauté, Boil, Dice, Puree, Pickle, Sift, Bake, Smoke, Stain, Twist, Dig, Forage, Bake, and Ferment.   Using these words as a point of departure for generating a dining experience, they will be presenting FAMINE Foods, Wednesday through Friday for lunch and dinner.  These simple peasant meals of bread, potatoes, beans, and vegetables, for $2-$8, and FEASTS, elaborate celebrations and rituals of all the food groups characterized by gluttony and libations are offered during Saturday dinners for a fixed price of $25 per person.


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